Solar Bundle for Three Phase

R123,200.00R397,000.00 Excluding VAT

Bundle price includes:

  • PV Modules and roof structure for PV Modules
  • Distribution Boards for DC Connection and AC Connection
  • SMA Inverter
  • SMA Home Manager /Energy Meter
  • Access to Sunny Portal/Sunny Places
  • Installation of PV, all electrical work and COC’s – Optional extra
  • SSEG application to Municipality – Optional extra
  • Manufacturer’s 5 Year Inverter Warranty/ 20 year PV Warranty
  • (Internet connection required – Optional)


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Save on your monthly electricity bill

When it comes to generating your own power, our Solar bundle for three Phase will provide power during the day. Therefore you could change your usage to make sure your washing machine, dishwasher, pool pump and other appliances run during the middle of the day. By doing this the sun is generating the maximum power thereby you are using Solar and not Eskom. This grid tied system starts to produce power as soon as the sun comes up. It even provides power in cloudy conditions. You could possibly also drop into the lower-tier rate for electricity tariffs thereby saving even more money.

Easy view of usage

With this Solar Bundle for three Phase package and an Internet connection you will have access to the sunny portal and be able to view your Solar production and usage from anywhere in the world.
If you have single phase electricity then please take a look at our Solar Bundle for Single Phase.


Add on an Additional battery storage system and beat load shedding

While this will save you money, the downside is that you only have power during the day while the grid is running and you would not be protected from load shedding as the system is not permitted to run when the grid is down. As soon as the grid goes down for any reason [load shedding, cable theft etc] the reference signal disappears and the grid-tie system automatically shuts down as required by law.
You can add the Battery Storage system to give you protection from load shedding. Have a look at our Tesvolt Lithium Battery Storage Systems for Three Phase.

Solar Bundle - Three Phase

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