Solar Vented Battery

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SOPzS Diluted Sulphuric acid 2V Cell, Maintenance free battery

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Systems Sunlight are manufacturers of
high grade industrial and renewable energy
Locally stocked and supported RES- SOPzS
and RES-OPzV renewable energy series’
of batteries.
Sunlight’s high quality, long life and excellent
Technical Features

SOPzS Diluted Sulphuric acid 2V Cell, Maintenance free
Design Life 18 years (Standby float @ 20°C)
Cycle Life (60% DoD @ 20°C) 2000 Cycles @ 60% DOD
Capacity C120, 1,85Vpc, 20°C 150 – 1360Ah
Technology Vented (VLA)
Positive Plate Tubular
Container / Lid Polypropylene
Electrolyte Dilute Sulphuric acid

System DC Input Voltage

48 Volt DC

Cell Voltage

2 Volt

Capacity Ah

215, 310, 390, 500, 605, 860, 965, 1270, 1380

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