Sunny Home Manager







The control center for intelligent energy management

Sunny Home Manager monitors all energy flows in the home, identifies potential savings automatically and improves solar power use. To do so, it compiles and combines information from the PV system, internet-based weather forecasts and household energy consumption data. Being connected to major household appliances, Sunny Home Manager optimizes the energy flow between all relevant loads and the available solar energy.

Monitor and Act

Understand your energy generation and consumption

  • Do you know how much energy is required to wash a load of laundry?
  • Do you know that your beloved refrigerator actually uses three times more energy than an A++ refrigerator?
  • Are you aware that on a sunny day, your PV system produces more energy than you actually can consume?

Being connected to all major household appliances, Sunny Home Manager can tell you and allows you to adjust your consumption habits. This is the first step in reducing your energy bill and being more ecologically conscious by actually using energy when the sun provides it.

What Sunny Home Manager has to offer

  • Clear visualization of key energy flows in the household
  • Energy balance diagrams which show PV generation, charging/discharging of the storage battery
  • Energy mix (electricity from photovoltaics, battery, utility grid) as used by individual household appliances
  • Historic energy consumption charts with various view selections
  • Basic PV system status monitoring to confirm correct system performance

Energy Balance

The analysis page shows the energy balance for a specified time period and provides analyses for generation, consumption, self-consumption and battery usage.

Switch and Manage

Energy management with the SMA Smart Home automatically reduces your energy bill.

Once you know where energy comes and goes in your home, you can let Sunny Home Manager do what it is designed to do… manage energy.

Having access to all key household appliances, the optional battery-storage system and the PV generation unit, the Sunny Home Manager always knows how much energy is available and where it is needed. Aided by a weather forecast from Internet data and individual adaptation to local conditions, it is able to accurately predict solar irradiation for a few hours into the future and supply the connected household appliances with low cost PV energy. Thanks to the Sunny Home Manager’s self-learning function, appliances such as the heat pump run exactly when there is sufficient sunlight available, making it possible to cover electric power demand by solar production.

The online Sunny Portal shows the status of the PV system and displays energy availability and consumption forecasts. It indicates the scheduled operating periods of the household appliances that Sunny Home Manager factors into its energy planning. So you know that the washing machine will be finished at 4 p.m. and that the laundry will have been washed almost entirely using solar power. It also gives tips on how you could use additional excess PV energy.

The diagrams in the Sunny Portal display the power consumption for connected household appliances together so that you can see exactly when Sunny Home Manager started the dishwasher or how much solar power the heat pump used over the past month.

Saving Energy Intelligently

Managing household appliances

Particular energy savings can be made by allowing Sunny Home Manager to schedule distribution of solar power among the household appliances. The biggest savings can be made when the system takes control of the largest electrical appliances in the home. SMA offers a number of solutions that allow Sunny Home Manager to access appliances:

Switch appliances on and off

The easy-to-install SMA radio-controlled sockets switch household appliances on and off using control signals from Sunny Home Manager.

  • Sunny Home Manager measures power consumption levels during operation & records precisely how much power the device has used and for how long.
  • Many appliances can be controlled via the energy management system including washing machines, dishwashers, dryers, immersion heaters, pumps and many more.

SMA supplies radio-controlled sockets in various country-specific versions. You can find more information in our Planning Guidelines – SMA Smart Home.

Smart Appliances With Direct Data Connection.

The future household is completely interconnected. SMA already has a few partners that enable Sunny Home Manager to connect to major household appliances, which can then automatically exchange information for energy management:

After a simple plug and play installation, the intelligent heat pump automatically coordinates with Sunny Home Manager to find the best time to heat the house with solar energy.

Cooperation Partners for the SMA Smart Home

  • Stiebel Eltron heat pumps (for compatibility list see Planning Guidelines – SMA Smart Home)
  • Mennekes AMTRON charging station for electric vehicles
  • More devices will be added as the future EEBUS communication standard for networking in the Smart Home is introduced in the near future.

Each appliance manufacturer will supply detailed information on compatibility and setup.

Storing Energy Intelligently

Store energy when it’s the most worthwhile

The active power limitation policy in Germany forces PV systems with battery storage to curtail PV inverter power output when more than 60% of the installed PV power (kWp) would be fed into the utility grid.

After all, even though on sunny days as much as 100% PV power may be available, if there is no-one at home to use this energy, everything over 60% has to be discarded.

With its PV yield forecast and measured household consumption, Sunny Home Manager knows precisely when it needs to limit grid feed-in, at midday for example.

To be able to use valuable PV power, it is best to store the otherwise discarded energy in the battery. Being practically free of cost, you can use this energy in the evenings to watch television or prepare a meal.

For such purposes, Sunny Home Manager always ensures that there is enough capacity left in the battery. Instead of charging the battery with excess PV power first thing in the morning, Sunny Home Manager controls the battery inverter to make sure that as much PV energy as possible produced during the midday peak – and destined for curtailment – can be stored in the battery.

Maximizing use of low cost PV power helps to reduce energy costs.