100L High Pressure Conventional Electric Geyser (solar and heat pump ready)

Solar and heat pump ready conventional Geyser, excluding installation.

Price: R6 875.00 excl. VAT
Payment terms available over 36 or 60 months
Please contact us for more info.

Key features

  • All components with exception of collector tubes are locally supplied.
  • Tank is manufactured from 01.2 mm tough grade 444 stainless steel
  • Evacuated tubes are top quality, 2.2 mm thick and German design
  • Tough pre-coated corrosion resistant Aluzinc outer wrap
  • Tank insulating material is zero emission and Framework is available in various forms for ease of installation.
  • High Pressure Water heater rated at 400kPA.
  • Units installed on roof.
  • Freeze and hail resistant.
  • 10 year warranty on the tank
  • 25 years design life
  • 15 years design life on tubes
  • Anodic protection
  • Available with or without Electrical assist

T&C’s apply.