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We offer expert advice and affordable, hassle-free, solar power system installations.

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the many Benefits of solar .

The many benefits of solar
    Solar power systems reduce our dependence on dwindling fossil fuels and help to combat pollution and toxic greenhouse-gas emissions.
    A residential solar power system will help to protect you against rising electricity costs, and significantly reduce your monthly outlay. As an added benefit, residential solar systems are virtually maintenance-free.
    A solar power system will increase the value of your property.
    (While you do your bit for the planet.)

Our reputation rests on the quality and durability of the products we use, and we source our solar components from leading international manufacturers for all our installations. Large and small.

what we Offer you .

We'll take the headache out of selecting the right solar solution for your home, offering expert advice and hassle-free installation in three major regions across the country.

On-site consultation and assessment

Our experienced team is here to help you to select the solar power system that suits your requirements, your property, and your budget.

Peace of mind

All our installations are backed by a free, one-year workmanship guarantee, and installed to exacting safety and quality standards.

International quality

Our world-leading solar panels and inverters have exemplary German pedigrees, and are guaranteed to work faultlessly for 25 years or more.

Expert installation and commissioning

We offer our services in the following regions: Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal, and the Western Cape (with more to follow).

Trusted advice

In addition to getting you connected and inspected, we'll also advise you on any regional council requirements and submit the necessary approval documentation on your behalf.


Starting small? No problem. Let's assess your current electricity usage and see where you stand to gain the most benefit. You can always scale your system up or down as your circumstances change.

Quick turn-around

Once we've acquired the necessary components, you could be enjoying your new solar system in a matter of days.

Budget-friendly solutions

We'll tailor our recommendations to your wallet, without cutting back on our excellent service and quality.

For more information, take a look at our list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Terms and conditions apply. Actual items and quantities may differ. Prices subject to change without prior notice.
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